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Final Fantasy XV Officially Delayed & New Date Announced

August 15, 2016

That's right, the infamous air button has failed us. In a video uploaded recently. Hajime Tabata shares the news and updates on the latest game in the Final Fantasy franchise.

Press "Read More" to see the video and info.

Content Complete

As far as the main game goes. Everything that will be on the disc is now finished. A Day One patch is in the works to add more features to the game. They need more the extra time to optimize to the platforms better.


Release Date

The new release date is November 29th, 2016.

What the new date means

The new release date means that all their work to the original release day, patch included will now be on the disc with more features added again. This is so that fans can play a fully functional game without connecting to the internet.

People who do connect the game will be recieving ongoing support, DLC and patches.


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Posted By: Randy Marsh
Date: August 15, 2016

When you say "People who do connect the game will be recieving ongoing support, DLC and patches", do you mean people who have pre-ordered the game will receive the support/DLC/patches via PSN code, or do we have to pay for all of that from another contest of some kind? Because I wanted to sign up for those Carbuncle deals, but I can't because even though I have a Square-Enix account, I don't have the account necessary to sign up for the prizes.

Please answer soon, these 'waiting hours' are life-draining, even for fans who paid full price for the Deluxe Edition.
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