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Famitsu has another interview with director Tetsuya Nomura this week. A few things have been mentioned before, but  there are a lot more new and juicy insights for the fans regarding the development and content of the game. A few interesting highlights include:

1) The story of Final Fantasy Versus XIII remains intact in Final Fantasy XV despite  the re-branding and platform change for development

2) Fightning gameplay can get really speedy and the player may not know what's going on at times!

3) Cor Leonis is a 42 year old man and wield a Katana. He will face lots of misfortune. *Uh oh*

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Credits to: fireferret98 of GameFAQs

+ You can ride on top and free run on the monsters in this game such as the behemoth and even the larger scale bosses. By doing so you can aim for their weak points and take down specific parts as you go. 

+ In terms of the overall fighting gameplay, Nomura is really trying to focus on the element of speed. At times he says, players might not know what is going on. 

+ The camera we see now will be different from the one in the final product. He realizes it is flawed right now and is aiming to create a more realistic camera as if you were watching the events play out in real life. He wants the camera to not only follow the character but for it to feel like someone is live recording the events in the game.

+ They are very close to closing the gap between real time and pre-rended scenes so the final product will look even better than what we see now. 

+ Cor is one of the playable characters and his weapon is a Katana that we have yet to see. He's also 42 years old. In Japanese culture 42 is an extremely unlucky age for men and it is believed that a person that age may meet with great misfortune. It is called, Yakudoshi(Unlucky age). 

+ The red headed male and the older male with the sharp glare are two of Noctis' enemies and it seems there are plently more enemies we have not seen yet.

+ The reason why the red character has red hair is because his voice actor is Fujiwara Keiji who has played the roles of other famous red headed characters such as Reno and Axel in the past. 

+ Nomura comments that while he introduced a new girl in the last trailer, he admits the trailer was full of male characters. He says nothing more lollol. 

+ Nomura explains that it would be a waste of money and time if this game was only offline and ended after one play so they are looking at ways to expand into online content. Additionally, as we've heard before, they are looking at expanding to the PS Vita, tablets, and the PC(If there is demand).

+ FFXV will be present at the Tokyo Game Show, and will also receive occasional updates through media outlets such as Famitsu. 

+ Nomura says that in the current generation of gaming, many say that Japanese game development has fallen behind the west. He would like to use Final Fantasy 15 as proof that this will not happen again in the next generation of consoles. *Quite a statement there*



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Posted By: Chris
Date: June 27, 2013

Girls in FF have always been a great characteristic in all games, hope Nomura introduce more. And Stella looks great, I know I'm gonna love her. :3
Posted By: knn5
Date: June 26, 2013

he may mean things get frantic and wild on screen
Posted By: Sarsie
Date: June 26, 2013

"In terms of the overall fighting gameplay, Nomura is really trying to focus on the element of speed. At times he says, players might not know what is going on." - Umm, not very reassuring, Nomura...

Also, please, please, PLEASE add more playable female characters!!!
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