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Tetsuya Nomura: Possible FFXIII Director

Mar 6, 2006

It seems that Tetsuya Nomura is going to be directing another Square Enix title, and it is 'hidden' within the movie Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children.


It is possible that the new title will be FFXIII because a little while ago, Tetsuya made reference to the #13 seen on the building where Kadaj and the WCM is standing on(just before Bahumut is summoned).

So it is possible that Tetsuya will be the director of FFXIII

Source: Source Kingdom Hearts Ultimania



Feb 23, 2006

Well images have been arising for the logo of FFXIII, and they all seem to look something like this FFXIII Logo

There is a good chance however that this is a fake image since the game has barely even been started(if any).

Site is Online

Feb 23, 2006

Well the site is now online. There isn';;t really much on it yet though. The forums are online though, so join there if you wish. It will be a while before any serious FFXIII updates arise. Hopefully this comming E3 will bring some new updates for the game.
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