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May 11, 2006

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Full E3 Trailer

May 09, 2006

The full trailer is now up for download. The trailer contains some action involving a female character, who will probably end up being the main character of the game. While it does show some 'real time' gameplay, this is most likely just a sample of what the game might be able to do, and is probably not what the actual gameplay will end up being like.

FFXIII E3 Full Trailer

Thanks to forum member Zexion for reporting this update.

FFXIII E3 Trailer

May 08, 2006

The trailer shown at E3 has now been uploaded on YouTube. The 27 second clip will be hosted on this site for download shortly.

FFXIII E3 Trailer

Thanks to forum member Zexion for reporting this update.

FFXIII Officialy Confirmed

May 8, 2006

FFXIII was officially anounced today at the Square-Enix press conference. There was also an official trailer shown, featuring a female character. Unfortunatly the trailer has not yet been shown to the public, but there will most likely be one soon. The game will be

Also a mysterious sequel to FFXIII was also announced. Thats right a sequel to FFXIII. It will be an action based game. The game is called Final Fantasy Versus XIII.

Both games will be appearing for the PS3.

EDIT: Fabula Nova Crystallis FF XIII will be a three part saga. The first part will be a prequel as a cellphone RPG, then FFXIII, and then FF Versus XIII as a sequel action game. There are also 3 screens from the trailer shown now hosted on IGN.

Source: Source IGN.com


Final Fantasy XIII Confirmed

Apr 27, 2006

It's confirmed! Final Fantasy XIII is in production! Even though Final Fantasy XII has not hit the shelves yet, Final Fantasy XIII has been under production for a little while now. PS3Portal.com reports that in an interview with Yoshitaka Amano, he confirmed this. He didn't devulge any kind of information about what the game will be like or what kind of storyline it will have, but confirmation is a good thing as is! Fear not, fans! It is coming...
PS3Portal Article

Source: Source PS3Portal.com

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