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FF-XIII.net Chat Service

June 10, 2006

Thanks to Brass2TheMax for setting up the site's chat service and for writting the directions and guidelines for chat. To learn how to chat with other FFXIII fans, then go here.

To view the rules, then go to the forum topic found here.


Fan Works

May 27, 2006

FF-XIII.net now features a Fan Works section. If you would like to submit any art/graphics you have made which is relevant to FFXIII or Square-Enix in general, then see this page for more information, Fan Works


Missing Famitsu Scans

May 23, 2006

From the latest Famitsu scans posted, there were apparently some missing scans, featuring Final Fantasy Versus XIII and Final Fantasy XIII Agito.

Agito Scan 1

Versus Scan 1

Versus Scan 2

Thanks to forum member Grivenger, for notifying us, and SilentAura from FF-XII.net for finding these.

Looking for Translators

May 17, 2006

The site is in need for Japanese translators for translating trailers, scans/screens etc.

To become a translator you will require the following skills.

-You must understand Japanese fluently and be able to translate both spoken and written text

-Minor knowledge of photoshop or other graphics programs would help, but is not required. This would be used for altering the origional Japanese text from scans to english.

-Must be able to be around often. So if you are a very busy person with very little free time on your hands, then this position is not for you.

If you would like to sign up, the contact the site ffxiiiadmin@gmail.com and write a little 'resume' about yourself. I can only accept one person at the moment, so if you are not accepted then do not feel offended.

FFXIII Release Date?

May 16, 2006

Accoring to 1up, the release date of FFXIII is going to be September 15, 2007. Now 1up has a reputation for jumping the gun for these sort of things, so this may or may not be true. However if it is released that early, then it would mean that the wait for the game would be very short compared to other SE titles such as FFXII, KHII which both took almost 4 years to make.

Source: Source 1up.com

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