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Looking for Translators

May 17, 2006

The site is in need for Japanese translators for translating trailers, scans/screens etc.

To become a translator you will require the following skills.

-You must understand Japanese fluently and be able to translate both spoken and written text

-Minor knowledge of photoshop or other graphics programs would help, but is not required. This would be used for altering the origional Japanese text from scans to english.

-Must be able to be around often. So if you are a very busy person with very little free time on your hands, then this position is not for you.

If you would like to sign up, the contact the site ffxiiiadmin@gmail.com and write a little 'resume' about yourself. I can only accept one person at the moment, so if you are not accepted then do not feel offended.

FFXIII Release Date?

May 16, 2006

Accoring to 1up, the release date of FFXIII is going to be September 15, 2007. Now 1up has a reputation for jumping the gun for these sort of things, so this may or may not be true. However if it is released that early, then it would mean that the wait for the game would be very short compared to other SE titles such as FFXII, KHII which both took almost 4 years to make.

Source: Source 1up.com


FFXIII Versus Trailer next appearence to be at TGS

May 15, 2006

Apparently The Trailer of Final Fantasy Versus XIII and Final Fantasy Core Crisis were both telecasted in a closed theatre (Smart thinking). Although they have not announced when they will show it fully to the public, the only hope given so far is of a small hint of it being shown to the public at the Tokyo Game Show 2006.

Source: Source FF7 AC Hotcafe


FFXIII Versus Trailer Preview

May 15, 2006

While the Versus trailer has not yet appeared online, there was one shown at E3, and Gamespot was able to attend the trailer and write a summary of the events which occur in the action RPG game for the PS3.

Source: Source Gamespot


FFXIII Figurines

May 13, 2006

On the last day of E3, when Square-Enix was showing their trailers, they also set up figures for viewing only, suprisingly enough the last figure shown was the mysterious female hero from the E3 trailer in Final Fantasy XIII although it has yet to be colored.


Dengeki Article

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