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If you would like to contact FXN for any reason, then email David Turner (Finalfantasykid).


If this is an affiliation request, there are a few conditions for affiliation.
  • As FXN is a failry active website, we only take websites which are fairly active themselves. It is recommended that the site has at least 500 unique hits/day if not more.
  • The site has to be a stand alone website and high quality, in other words not just a forum or a blog.
  • The site has to be gaming related.
  • The site has to have appropriate content.
  • The affiliation link should appear on every page

I will generally only reply to affiliation requests if I feel the site satisfies all of the conditions. FF-AgitoXIII.net and FF-VersusXIII.net might be easier to affiliate with as those domains are less active than FF-XIII.net. Please specify which domain you would like to affiliate with.

Content Removal

If you believe that you are the original owner of some of the content on the site, and can provide proof, then I will gladly remove it from the site.
Last Modified: June 20, 2010
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