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USGamers has a lengthy and exclusive interview with the Naoki Yoshida, director and producer or Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn (FFXIV:ARR). I've condensed the interview below:

Yoshida explained that the Final Fantasy elements in the FFXIV:ARR could incentivize console gamers to give it a chance. He asserted that it's the communication between players, not the big corporation, that's the best marketing asset to increase the game's popularity.

In order to ensure and balance the difficulty and longevity of the FFXIV:ARR, Yoshida said that the level cap in the game is set at 50 and there are end game contents. More end game contents are in the works right now as well. It will be easier to reach level 50 in this game than in the previous MMORPG, Final Fantasy XI. The leveling up stage is just for tutorial. These factors ensure the durability of players in the game.

Yoshida emphasized that reaching level 50 doesn't mean game over. The story will progress with new and challenging quests and dungeons, adding more to the player's overall experience.  Level 50 is actually starting point of the game.

The armory system is created to tailor to the player's mood and lifestyle even post-level 50 gameplay. The intention is to give the player a great deal of freedom. If you don't want to be a gladiator today, you can switch it up and be a fisherman and relax.

When you start the game, you have a set class for the first 10 levels. After that, if you wish to change class, all you have to do speak with a guild master of another class to unlock it. Then, change your weapon and you'll change your class. It’s that simple!

There are seven battle classes, nine battle jobs, and 11 crafting and gathering classes in the game. The varieties and plentiful classes and jobs will give players more choices. And they can choose with ease through the Armory system.

Also, with this adaptable system, the player doesn’t have to make a whole new character to experience new class quests. Just change the weapon! Players make new characters if they prefer a different and new look. In other games, players run into the problem with inventory, so they make new characters to make up for the lack of it. However, this game has a large inventory broken down into an inventory and Armory chest.

90 percent of the game can be experienced with one character. The other 10 percent is from the three different city-states that the player starts from until level 15.

Lastly, the Yoshida expounded on the reason behind making a clean-slate with FFXIV:ARR. He stated that it wasn’t wise make small updates to repair the game in terms of servers and graphics to list two. Rather, the best approach is to start over, a fresh start.


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