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The fashion brand, Roen, is known to provide costume designs for Final Fantasy Versus XIII. Interestingly, Sokuho@Hokanko pointed out that on the brand's biography page, the game is actually listed as Final Fantasy XV, instead. Perhaps it's a typo? Or maybe not!?


According to Gematsu:

How do we know it’s Final Fantasy Versus XIII and not a different game called Final Fantasy XV? The work was done in 2008, when publisher Square Enix announced its partnership with Roen. And Versus XIII is nowhere to be found in the company’s history.

According to the Wayback Machine, the page has listed Final Fantasy XV since July last year, at least. It’s interesting that it hasn’t been picked it up until now.

Until further notice, we shouldn't take it so seriously. It's better for a Square-Enix official to debunk it or confirm it, instead.

Thanks to Sokuho@Hokanko (via Gematsu)


UPDATE: The website fixed the typo and now it's Final Fantasy Versus XIII.

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