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Opinions: Why Final Fantasy VII Doesn’t Need a Remake

February 06, 2013

Cloud Strife looking awesome on PS3

It seems that no matter how much time passes, the idea that Square Enix need to remake Final Fantasy VII persists. Ever since they showed that infamous PlayStation 3 Tech Demo at E3 in 2005, Square have had to deal with constant fan demand for a remake of one of history’s most beloved RPG’s. There’s just one problem: Final Fantasy VII doesn’t need a remake, and this is why.

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Posted By: sirmichaelvalentine
Date: February 25, 2013

i hate people like you that keep this great game grounded with saying things like 7 don't need a remake heres reason why it could be a million reasons and most every fan still want it and wont even acknowledge any new series until SE remakes the one everyone wants they could make 15 16 17 the list goes on we wont except those because we fans want ff7 that badly before we get too old to remember what happened the first time around lol we want this soo much because SE them self's are teasing us to no end remaking every series with 10 and 8 rumored to be next except 7 (and 9 being fantasy's worst to me) they even teased us some more with advent children dirge of cerberus and crisis core with the ultimate being the ps3 tech demo if SE goes bankrupt its there own fault for continuation of denying ff7 remake with new titles of 7 just to ether tease us or piss us off which did both. you much as you don't want to see this happening SE needs this remake alot more then you realize. with not doing anything about a possible remake that they could go bankrupt over this because no real fan would go near any new titles until 7 is remade you may not want it but the rest of world does.
Posted By: pamy
Date: February 10, 2013

instead of remaking it make a new game with a brief story,concerning the whole events of vii.so that it would be fair for everyone.
(n instead of going always your own way n not listening to anything we say by admitting new screwy characters!!!)...
we want to see our characters again ,those whom we really loved n lived with 4 a long time.we want them to come back cause seriously! they were the best with no doubt......
SE. what tha hell is wrong with u !!!!!???????
Posted By: Curt
Date: February 07, 2013

The heart of FFVII was that no matter how serious and dark the story got, there was always time for a silly slap-fight or a cross-dress or a gay date or a lion-thing to dress up as a sailor. It never took itself too seriously, with its snowboarding and houses-as-enemies and chocobo racing etc. It had the tone of a light anime.
You can't bring that into the modern era. It worked because of those goofy graphics then, but now, well just look at Advent Children. They'd have to redo the whole story and cut out all the fun to make it all realistic and gritty and dark, and everyone would be MAD pissed.
Square knows this. They're not going to touch it with a 20 foot pole. Not until they're on the verge of bankruptcy because they can't figure out how to recapture the magic of the late 90's era gaming. Which might be soon actually.
Posted By: AnimaMagna
Date: February 07, 2013

I think I agree with almost everything there, except that poor joke about Toriyama. And, @SyrianDude, I think it's an HD Re-release, not a remake. So there won't be much different apart from the platform and a very few graphic tweaks.
Posted By: SyrianDude
Date: February 06, 2013

And yet, they're doing an HD remake on FFX. It's less work because it's a PS2 game compared to a PS1 game, but still.
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