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Leviathan Is A Top-Rank Summon in Final Fantasy XV

June 24, 2013

Dengeki has conducted a new interview with director, Tetsuya Nomura, on Final Fantasy XV. Much of the information given has been covered; however, Nomura did offer new insights into the game's content and development! Some of the highlights from the interview include:

  • One reason to move the development to the next-generation platform is because the PlayStation 3 showed limitations. One example is that the processing power of the current-generation console can't keep up when a car is sped up in the world map.
  • Co-op multiplayer mode is considered.
  • Smartphone and tablet connectivity are considered.
  • Nomura desired for all scenes in which Noctis isn't in control to be pre-rendered CG, but it's not a realistic approach. Therefore, those scenes will be remade in the same quality of Agni's Philosophy by utilizing the Luminous Engine with the help of the Visual Works team.
  • When an enemy is locked on, it becomes a lens flare.
  • Summons are based on a ranking system. Leviathan, for example, is one of the top-ranking summon and it shows in its massive size.
  • Noctis has to defeat the summon before he can acquire it.
  • The theme of the story is "bond" and there will be a lot of humor. The story is about recovering the crystal of Noctis' kingdom

Erren Van Duine of Nova Crystallis has written up a summarized translation of the interview. 

Also, Dengeki several 1080p screenshots of the game. Most of which is seen from the trailer. But, it seems one of them is new. Check it out below.



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