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Thread: new survey, fans can suggest playable female protagonist for the whole single player

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    Lightbulb new survey, fans can suggest playable female protagonist for the whole single player

    new survey is up!!

    this could be great, now a lot of FF fans can suggest adding playable female character creation for single player besides multiplayer, female protagonist option (hey Fallout 4 and Mass Effect series shows even talkactive protagonists can still be very customizable right down to their sex and race.and even story and relationship deep SRPGs like Fire Emblem Fates feature protagonist identity customization )

    and they make it possible to make any NPC playable and addable to the party (like Luna, Cor and anyone else that has a ingame model. Uncharted 2 did allow a lot of npcs to be playable for the whole campaign, and voice can be toggled.)

    the character creation is still in early stages, so FFXV can add female customization and settings,
    plus they are editing the story, so adding a female version of the story, is more possible than making the later half totally open world. it's just a matter of editing cutscenes and revoicing line and stuff.

    but overall, people could still change how FFXV is played and experienced with lots of different playable characters and fully customizable protagonist.

    and those that like FFXV as is, don't need to use those options/features, though those things would convince lot more to buy and play FFXV their own style.

    heck, even if FFXV plot goes untouched, the character creation system could be used in single player as a free mode of the single player campaign, and also could get its own DLC sequel chapter to the story that utilizes the current world contents. maybe could even be a prequel.

    though if they also add playable Luna DLC, it could be a prequel, and she could have her own car and party members.

    lots of possibilities!!

    it is very interesting how FFXV has potential to evolve into a greater game more would be interested in.

    perhaps they are also beginning to learn from Skyrim, which lets players be whatever the player themselves want.

    FFXI and FFXIV are massively successful, and it shouldn't take a mmorpg to include lots of protagonist creation options, with free choice in sex, appearance, race and more.

    FFXV already has all the assets to make even every npc playable.

    and they probably could adapt Stella to playability status as well. playing as Stella would sure would be actually awesome instead of some noodle cup hat.
    though yea they really should restrict what players can play as. and it should be featured in the single player in its entirety, besides its multiplayer.

    they have to get a clue that a massive amount of players aren't going to buy/play FFXV until it has very attractive female protagonist to play as for the entire game without restrictions, and the greater the selection and quality aethestics options, the greater the incentives to start playing it.
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