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Thread: Long time listener first time poster!

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    Smile Long time listener first time poster!

    Ive been lurking in the shadows for a while I love the forum. Currently I'm doing trophy cleanup to platinum the FF-13 series of games. I look forward to great conversations and a warning i was a long-time believer FF8 was my favorite but I'm close to saying 13 these days and I unequivocally believe Lightning to be the best character in the series history.

    If I get banned I'm truly sorry ;)

    Happy Trails!

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    Default Re: Long time listener first time poster!

    You like FFXIII? Alright, how do I ban people again. It's been a long time since one of your sort popped up.

    I kidd. Welcome to the forums. Though they are not as active as they once was you'll still usually find the regulars chatting in the chat box at the bottom of the main forum page.

    Take care!

    As Always, My Victories Are Tinged With A Hint Of Beauty.

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