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Thread: Future DLC roadmap could add avatar creation , playable females , etc. source Gematsu

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    Lightbulb Future DLC roadmap could add avatar creation , playable females , etc. source Gematsu

    As was said in news discussion, the longterm DLC might save and redeem it if it adds playable female characters, female avatar creation, and more, the lore and timeline has lots of room and possibilities before and after the time the current story takes place,

    the true complete FFXV has yet to be established, so until then, not interested until they give more what more fans want out of it, by then, it could even be at a discount sale perhaps FFXV might eventually transform into the single player equivalent of FFXIV, where people can play in FFXV world with their own preferred created character and expanded and improve things about it.

    there is potential to make FFXV a game for more types of FF fans. Even Tabata must be aware that current FFXV is below the standards and ignores a large part of the fanbase, so the longterm DLC expansions and features and improves could transform and evolve it into a FF more would be interested in

    FFXV is currently a mess and below FF fans standards

    FFXV really is a disgrace in its current state

    but the DLCs and add ons and patches could fix at least some of it, or most of it, especially if it has great avatar creation options like FFXIV has. and FFXV does have great graphics, so they really could make FFXV more for more people instead of just one demographic.

    I said it before, but it was obvious FFXV was going to be rejected by a larger amount of people, especially with how disrespectful and inconsiderate it (and its movie) is towards female characters, female roles and females in general.
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