Doing new playthroughs of FF Type 0 HD

I still get hyped looking back at the psp and PS4/X1 version differences, and having the definition version on my preferred platform, PS4, is really a great priviledge ^.^

psp version

ps4 version

it is wonderful for the Type 0 fans to enjoy this masterpiece on PS4 (or X1)

our fanbase may not be as large as other fanbases, but our passion and appreciation for this RPG is just as strong.

here are some classic quotes from tech analyzers and reviewers of FF Type 0 HD's qualities

"the improvements overall cannot be denied.

Hexadrive has taken a very unique approach to remastering an older game that manages to trump any other attempt we've played in terms of pure ambition.
The changes to lighting, shadows, and post effects really have a transformative effect on the game."

"Wow, The graphics really do look beautiful, Its good to see the PS4's engine put to good use! Though it's not like I needed much convincing that the PS4 version would look better than the PSP version, but it really makes you appreciate it "
"Damn. I'm hoping this is the standard with HD updates for the new generation.
and while metacritic has bunch of people underrating it, there are true Final Fantasy and RPG fans that really see it's brilliance and greatness
"Type-0 HD has everything a FF fan could ask for: A superb battle system, lots of characters, hours upon hours of interesting quests and a great story. It is quite strange, but the best Final Fantasy game of the recent years is a port from a PSP game. "

Vandal Online
It is a very unique Final Fantasy that relies on a very solid combat system to help us go through some challenging situations. If you love the franchise as much as we do, it won't disappoint you."
"perfect soundtrack , good storyline , fantastic ending , fun gameplay , lots of side quest , world map like ff7 ,8 and 9 . "
"Final Fantasy Type-0 HD won't satisfy every fan of the series, but it is a good offer that deserves a try, specially because it is a spin-off. Type-0 HD has minor flaws, but thanks to its interesting history, formidable soundtrack and large amount of characters, missions and past references, it offers great replay value, a rare quality among games nowadays. "
Minor problems with the camera but nothing unbearable.
The story is good and had good gameplay with a variety of characters. "

the positive reactions outnumber the negative, especially with the Critic Reviews which tend to be more nitpicky than user reviews.

even hypercritical sites like gamespot gave it at least a 8.0, which is above average. at least "Great" tier score. (though if this had full next gen graphics, they would give it a 10.)

and IGN confirms FF Type 0 HD is a "welcome change of pace"

yes all us FF fans have FFs we like and FFs we dislike, though haters shouldn't think that it's wrong to play Type 0 above others. it is an outstanding priviledge to play one of the greatest rpgs of all time, and perfected on PS4. this game always deserved to be on console, and this version further proves FF rpgs, even portable ports, are better on console than portable.
Even playing it more now, it still feels so awesome, and I'm so glad they fixed the motion blur. the motion blur crippled the panning, but that's no longer an issue, so it's even more playable and easy on the eyes.