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Anyway, these Shakespearean references are really giving this game's plot a whole new dimension in my opinion. Even though we don't know the extent of the connections, or what unique plot points will be added in to the mix, it's clear that this Shakespearean base has given Nomura and co a great foundation to build the game's story upon.

To answer your questions:

5.1) Do you think Final Fantasy XV has any connections to other Shakespearean plays, whether it be character-related, plot-related or theme-related?
My knowledge on Shakespeare is mostly limited to Hamlet, Romeo & Juliet and Macbeth, so I don't really have the knowledge to comment on this.

5.2) How would you feel about playing a character whose moral compass doesn't always point in the right direction? How do you think Noctis' friends will feel about his questionable actions?
I'd love to play as a protagonist who's motivations are neither "good" nor "bad", but blur the line between the two. Judging from the storyline thus far, it seems that both Noctis and Stella both want to do the right thing, but posses different beliefs when it comes to determining the "right" way to use their power. The reality is that very few people in the world are truly good or bad, perhaps none at all. Mature stories that are able to blur the lines between good and bad are therefore almost always better than those that don't, atleast in my opinion. This is one of the reasons why I enjoyed XII's story, since Vayne's intention was to
free humankind and give it back its autonomy
, which is ultimately a commendable goal, but his methods were questionable and therefore his character was ultimately neither good nor bad - it just came down to the player's perception. If XV is able to replicate this sort of character development for its main characters, I'l be very happy.

5.3) How far do you think Noctis will go to exact revenge and do you think it will affect his mental state like it did with Hamlet?
I can't say, I don't think we'll know exactly how far the Hamlet connection is going to go until we play the game.

5.4) How far do you think Stella will go to achieve her goals and will it affect her mental state as well?
See 5.3

5.5) In what way do you think Stella will "stand out" from the rest of the female characters in the series? Do you believe that she is stronger than the female characters portrayed in Shakespeare?
So far I find her more interesting than a lot of other female characters purely based on her apparent 'neither villain nor hero' personality. She also appears to be strong-minded without being a total asshole, which is always a good thing in my mind. I can't make much comparison to Shakespeare's characters because of my aforementioned lack of knowledge on the subject.

5.6) Noctis and Stella may have feelings for each other. Do you think Noctis and Stella's actions in the story will culminate to a point where they cannot forgive each other?
I think an element of love between the two characters is inevitable, but I'm not sure to what extent it will be taken. Based on what we've seen in the trailers so far, I have a feeling that one will have to kill the other (presumably Noctis killing Stella) since the two seem completely at-odds with each other in terms of their views of right and wrong and this doesn't seem like the type of game to have a happy-shmappy ending.

5.7) It is believed that the "reality" part of the story is based on Shakespeare and the "fantasy" part is based on the Fabula Nova Crystallis lore, but do you think that the "fantasy" plot will still have ties to Shakespeare?
All fictional stories are part fantasy and part reality, the only thing that changes is which side the story leans more towards. I'll wait for more information before commenting further.

5.8) With Noctis and Stella at the forefront of something bigger, what other factors do you think will come into play?
fal'Cie-like beings wanting to control or take over humanity. Fabula Nova Crystallis seems to be built around the concept of humanity following the will of or defying higher beings, I'd be very surprised XV didn't feature this as a central theme.

5.9) Noctis has "eyes that see the light of expiring souls". Do you think he will be able to converse with the dead similarly to how Hamlet spoke to his father's ghost? Or do you think it has another function? And do you think Stella shares this power?
I believe that Stella will share Noctis' powers that are connected to being able to "see the light of expiring souls". What these powers are remains to be seen.

5.10) Do you think Final Fantasy XV will follow the same Fabula Nova Crystallis lore of Final Fantasy XIII or do you think it will be reinterpreted?
Personally I hope that it reinterprets the Fabula Nova Crystallis elements so that the core themes remain similar, but aren't blatantly the same as they were in XIII. For example, if there are higher beings that play a significant role in the storyline (such as how Etro appears to), I hope they aren't referred to as fal'Cie. Fabula Nova Crystallis seems to have a good theme and concept that should be explored further but at the same time this game needs to be distanced from XIII also.