Promotions in Square-Enix Western Studios

It's time for change! Square-Enix is making some changes in its Western Studios.

Crystal Dynamics

Darrell Gallagher is promoted to head of studios for North America and Europe. He will also maintain is current position with Crystal Dynamics Tomb Raider team.


Former execute producer of Deux: Ex Human Revoution, David Anfossi, is promoted to studio head. He will be working with the studio to finish up Thief as well as two unannounced titles.

Square Enix Montréal

Patrick Naud will lead Square-Enix Montréal into making games for tablets and smartphones.

“The studio will focus immediately on games around the Hitman brand,” said Square, “and in time will also work on games outside of this franchise.”

IO Interactive

Hannes Seifert will be studio head. There's a new AAA Hitman project in pre-development.

“Whilst our games will come in different shapes and sizes, we want to deliver them faster and better and we believe these changes will help our studios achieve just that,” said CEO of Square Enix America and Europe Phil Rogers.