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His work on the XIII sequels was near nothing. He designed Noel's face and Lightning's XIII-2 and LR main costumes, but beyond that nothing of note. I doubt designing 2 outfits and a face or two (did he design older Hope?) delayed XV for years.

Note that all of Lightning's extra costumes and Serah's XIII-2 stuff were designed by different people.

Most of his XIII contribution was in XIII itself. Unless I'm forgetting something.

His work on Type-0 was also quite lazy, with many reused designs. I mean srsly we got Grey-haired Lightning and Blond Hope with slighty flatter hair.
Also don't forget he spearheaded the Final Fantasy VII compilation during XV's cycle, and the aforementioned fact sources were pulled from the project to help finish Final Fantasy XIII -- which also was taking forever, if you remember.